Thumbs up!

“They seem to like your work on Facebook!”   Matt Mayer, Sr. Applications Engineer – Sound Devices

“And so they should. Kudos…”                         Paul Isaacs, VP of Marketing – Sound Devices

“Very nice work!”                                              Matt Anderson, CEO – Sound Devices

The above email exchange was received after some comments appeared on Facebook about a user’s guide for a newly released mixer/recorder called 688. A portion of those unsolicited comments are shown here:



Guiding star in the technical writing universe…

“Please let me share my deep appreciation of having the possibility to work with Brandi Loyd. She was my guiding star in the technical writing universe of the Avid Broadcasting project and, I believe, the following words can describe what I feel about her:

• Professionalism
• Structure
• Inspiration
• Responsibility
• Creativity

Brandi taught me the tricks of professional and clear documents; she inspired me to go deeper and seek the truth of how the applications operate….”

Marina Gorokhova Wehowsky, Dextrys contractor in China


The consummate professional…

“Brandi is the consummate professional and works tirelessly to make sure her work is complete, technically correct and user-friendly. She was instrumental in pointing out flaws or weaknesses with her natural aplomb before finalizing any documentation she created for the products I managed. Brandi is a pleasure to work with and a strong team member.”

Janet Foley, Associate at Olde Ipswich Tours


Photograph enhancement expert…

“How Brandi does what she can with digital images and a computer boggles my mind, but I’m glad to have her on my team. I’m extremely pleased with the work she does for BTP, both as the company’s web designer and as the photograph enhancement expert.”

Sheila Bagley, Owner of Bon Temps Photography


Analytical skills are second to none…

“Brandi is a very thorough and knowledgeable technical writer. She can juggle many tasks at once and keep them all moving along. Her attention to detail is excellent, and her analytical skills are second to none. She has a deep knowledge of the many tools we use, and is not afraid to learn new tools or methodologies.

And most of all, she is an excellent person who is kind, easy to work with, and just brings a great attitude to her work!”

Ron Jackson, Principal Technical Writer at Avid


Eagerness for collaboration…

“Brandi is a very talented technical/documentation writer who I found to be very detailed oriented and goal driven….One of the things I enjoyed most about working with Brandi during the past 7 years was her eagerness for collaboration and teamwork. Training and documentation often needed the same or similar content in our documentation; Brandi was always willing to share her content and accept suggestions for content Training would like to see in the product documentation.”

Steve Wilcox, Sales Director at Datamars


On-call editor…

“Brandi has been a tremendous help as my on-call editor. She is the person I contact whenever I need to ensure all of our publications—from memos to coupons to Excel spreadsheets—are polished and professional. Her background with the computer software industry is an added plus, because she’s also been an outstanding software support resource when I’m having problems with various desktop publishing tools.”

Lisa McCollough, Business First Bank