About Brandi

“Brandi is a very competent writer and editor. She writes in a succinct, concise manner and is able to tailor her writing for the specific needs of her target audience.”  Tamara Marini, Business Analyst/Tech. Writer for QBE Insurance Group


  • Brandi Loyd is a versatile writer, editor, and web designer with more than two decades of professional experience. (Key word is “more”… ‘nuf said.)
  • She began her writing career as an unpaid intern for KTBS-TV 3 at the tender age of 12.
  • She became self-taught in HTML during a transatlantic flight, after which she transitioned the knowledge into a webmaster role, developing and maintaining her employer’s first Intranet website.
  • During her career, she has worked as: an award-winning television crime reporter; a computer software instructor responsible for courseware and teaching on-site classes in English & Spanish; a senior technical writer; a managing editor; a publications administrator; and even an award-winning author of romantic fiction.
  • In her (elusive) spare time, she enjoys traveling with family, reading classic and modern fiction, and solving Sudoku puzzles.